Aside from its obvious quality, Baldwin’s Ice Cream has lots of hidden advantages for chefs and caterers who use it. They’ll find that it will be better value for money, more profitable as well as satisfying for their customers.

Some of the advantages are:

  • It’s a local, quality product.
  • Only supplier who uses fresh milk and cream from their own dairy farm.
  • More scoops / litre than any other competitor, meaning more profit / litre (see attached calculation).
  • Offers a huge range of ice creams and sorbets.
  • We source ingredients from the finest regions around the world.
  • We only use high quality fresh/frozen fruit (sourced locally where possible) in our sorbets.
  • We can make to order, including unique flavours.
  • Works out cheaper than making it yourself.
  • You can text in orders at your convenience.
  • Quality customer service, including advice and assistance with desert menus etc.
  • Free personnel delivery.
  • No additives, preservatives, artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers or colouring agents used.
  • No waste, ice cream doesn’t thaw or crystallise easily due to the high quality of ingredients used.
  • It doesn’t contain added air, no shrinkage.
  • We offer two types of ice creams, one has a lower freezing point which is easier to scoop and easier to present on a plate (coup etc.)
  • Your business will be advertised as using our ice cream at local trade shows, food festivals, farmer’s markets etc.
  • We’re a member of “Good Food Ireland”.

If you are a chef or in the catering business and you’d like Thomas to email you a price list and profitability calculation - contact us

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