How is it made –

The difference

With so many different types of ice cream on the market, Baldwin’s Ice Cream is out on its own! It is traditionally made in small batches using the crème anglaise method. We take fresh milk from our own dairy herd, which means the milk is in a completely natural state i.e. not pasteurised or homogenised. We then combine this fresh milk with egg yolk, sugars and whatever flavour needed. Fresh cream, which has been separated during the morning milking that day is then added to the batch. All these ingredients are mixed and put into the specialised ice cream making machine, where they are blended and pasteurised to 84 degrees. This unique process makes sure the taste and natural goodness from the quality ingredients is not lost. The mix is then frozen to around -12 to-14 degrees where it is packed into 100ml, 500ml or 5 litre containers, and immediately put into the deep freeze at -25 degrees.

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