Our Farm

Thomas runs a 70 cow dairy herd with his parents John and Maria. They farm 120 acres of grassland, of which 60 acres is the home farm, ie. attached to the milking parlour. The away sections of the farm are all within 1 ½ miles of our base. These parcels of land are used for rearing replacement dairy stock and cutting forage, mainly grass silage.

Our cows are a Holstein/British Friesian cross producing over 6,000 litres of milk per head each year, consisting of 3.35% Protein and 3.80% Fat. We are mainly a grass based system, but the cows’ diet would include cereal based concentrates, grass silage and maize silage at different times of the year. Any milk that isn’t used to make ice cream is sent to Glanbia plc, who are a well recognised food ingredients company internationally.

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